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Steering Column Collar

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Anyone know how easy it is to replace the steering column collar on a 72 Chevelle? My car was originally a column shift but has been retro-fitted with the horseshoe on the floor, so the original steering column collar forward of the ignition collar looks a bit out of place with the column shift nub present without the column shift handle there. My car came with a replacement collar when I bought it a couple of months ago that appears to be a reproduction. Does anyone know how hard it is to swap these collars out, how much time it would take, and if this part is a fairly interchangeable part (i.e., is this kind of part fairly universal/interchangeable on most GM A-body cars)? Thanks!

Nate (m006276)
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It's not particularly difficult, but it is somewhat involved and you MUST pay attention to what/where each part goes.
The steering wheel comes off. Turn signal/horn/wiring has to be removed after the bolts/springs which attach the collar and collar retainer are seperated. PAY ATTENTION as it comes apart so that it will all go back together correctly.
Again, it's not really difficult, just somewhat involved.
I've done two, my 70 and my son's 68 and both work perfectly.
The floor shift and colmn shift bowls do not interchange. Best bet it is to get the right column. Second best is to grind the nub off, Bondo it, sand and pain. I did this on my 68 when I went 4 speed and it really came out well.
Well, I've done it on two columns.
Just recently did the column-to-floor collar on my son's 68.


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