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steering colum problem

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im trying to take the dash out of my 67 and i need to drop the steering colum. I have already loosened the six bolts under the dash and the five at the firewall. How do i remove the colum from the rest of the car?
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I assume you have a 67? Just remove the bolt that connects the column at the rag joint, (Where it connects to the steering gear box. )The rag joint stays connected to the gear box, not the column. Do this first, then remove the bolts at the firewall then under the dash in that order. Besure to support the column with something as you remove the last bolts.Then just pull it out. The reason you remove the bolts under the dash last is that they support the column. Otherwise you could bend the shaft. Never done this in an Elky so room to pull the column could be an issue.
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