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Steering Box Identification Help Needed

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I am sure this is one more for JIML82 to answer - I purchased on ebay what was supposed to be steering box from a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 80K miles from a salvage yard that supposedly only deals in Jeeps. Upon arrival, I cleaned the end cap and the alpha code read BH clear as day. According to Jim's power steering pages, BH refers to a 1970 A-8 SWagon so I decided to take some measurements.

First of all, the input shaft is 3/4" which is correct for a late 70's plus gear as I understand it (not a 1970 wagon).
Lock to lock, the input shaft rotates 3.37 turns.
Lock to lock, the pitman arm sweeps 84.5 degrees.
By my calculations, that means I have about a 14.3:1 ratio box (assuming it is a fixed ratio) which doesn't match the 1970 wagon or the Jeep GC.
I made all of these measurements twice via two different methods and they were exactly the same both times.

So what box do I have exactly?
I wanted a GC box or equivalent so do I have enough information to argue that the seller should replace the box at no additional cost to me?

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I should have cautioned you. The two letter alpha code was for quick identification at the vehicle assembly plant. With only two letters there were only so many codes available. So they were reused every couple years. So it is very possible that a 1970s station wagon gear could carry the same alpha code as a 1990s Jeep.

Sorry about that.

All of the 1992 1/2 through 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee gears were fast ratio 12.7:1. I think that the Cherokee gears were 14:1 at that time.

I have limited information on the Cherokee gear. In 1999, 2000, and 2001 the Cherokee gear was a 14:1 with 79 degrees of sweep. 14 X 79 / 360 = 3.07 turns lock to lock. I don't have information on the Cherokee before that time.

The alpha code on the gear for those three years was XJ.
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