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Steering box and headers

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Just wondering what steering boxes any of you have had luck with. I've got headers and BBC. When looking at reviews for some of the 14:1 and 12:1 boxes, several people have mentioned that the boxes are tight against headers and some have had to dent them to fit. I've been looking at Classic Performance and Borgeson on Summit website and that's where the reviews have come from. I had to remove my current box to get the headers out. I am pulling the motor and having it rebuilt. The last box was an aftermarket that has always had a slow, weeping leak that I never could identify so I thought now would be a great time to change since all other leaks will be taken care of (also putting in a new tremec tkx). Thanks for any advice!

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'70. Just had to pull the steering box to get header out. As you said, my issue was the shaft being too close.Plan on leaving it out until I reinstall headers.

If you are not removing the engine many headers cannot be removed without at a minimum removing the motor moount main bolt and anting else required to jack/tilt the engine upward for additional clearance.
Here are the pics. GM put these in with big blocks to make it easier to get the exhaust manifolds in.
GM installed the engine with the manifolds already installed and cared nothing about after sale service.
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