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Well still havering problems with starting, this motor was rebuilt with all new stuff bigger cam and piston and was cranked and ran for a long period of time a few times. The car has sit for say 6-8 mths started a few times during that time . Now the car was moved and not started but once more and only ran for about 30 min or so then moved back to my shop the carb was taken off and rebult, put new fuel pump , new started hi torque too put on. The reason for all this the motor did not turn over as fast as I thought it should with an old starter , the pump and carb sit with old fuel clogging things up. First problem found no fuel being spread from jets all the seats and jets have been replaced and can spray carb cleaner thro them but still no fuel , we do have fuel to carb because I can bleed off pressure from unscrewing float screw. Second motor still not turning fast enough even with two batteries and a battery charger with a boost on it. Any ideas plz
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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