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Starting problem

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Hi All, have a problem. I have a MSD distributor(8360 ready to run) with a MSD Blaster 2 coil on a 350 engine(67) The car was running fine but then just quit. I checked to see if I had spark and dont. I pulled out the distributor and coil and brought it to an carbeurator/electrical shop and both tested out fine. With the key to the on on position, I do not get 12 volts on either positive or negative on the coil. Could this be a fuse problem or grounding????

Any ideas would be appreciated. Gary
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You should have a 12ga wire from the IGN terminal on your fuseblock going to the + side of the coil, along with the RED wire of the distributor/coil wire loom. The ORANGE wire goes to the - terminal, the BLK goes to engine ground. Be sure that the engine and chassis have a good common ground. With the key in the START or RUN position, you should have +12V at the coil + terminal.
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