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Starter trip wire, R terminal, Heat soak?

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I pulled my starter the other day and will replace it with a high torque mini from dbelectrical when it arrives. I will also replace the battery cables in hopes of curing slow crank when hot.

I am running HEI. The "R" terminal wire basically fell off when removing the starter, and is not needed in my application from what I have read.

I guess my question is, can the trip wire ("S" terminal) cause a heat soak issue? Should I replace the wire? Cover it in a heat resistant sleeve?

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I spoke to dbelectrical and they also recommended at least 2 or 1 gage wires. If I can't find that gage at the auto parts store, I will have MAD electrical make me some. The mini starter may have a 5/16" terminal vs. the stock 3/8".

My HEI power wire runs from the "IGN" piggy back on the fuse block. It's hot in RUN and START.

I just get a slow crank. So I assume the trip wire is doing it's job. I may replace it since I'm working in that area.

Thanks for the reply.
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