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Starter Removal - '64 with headers

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Just thought I'd share a tip/trick I used this morning.

I'm not going to open the "Can of Worms" about starter heat-soak again, but it happened to me last night. No "click" from the solenoid. About the time I got a buddy and a tow arranged (1 hour) just for ghits & siggles I turned the key and vroom! It had cooled down enough.

Anyway - after cussing up a storm getting the starter out from between the tranny cooler lines and the headers (using a pry-bar and kicking myself at not notching the holes for the heat shield I made)I rebuilt the thing.
BTW - NAPA/Echlin brushes are part #R503

Time to go back in. I can't pry the header away the 1/8" I need with one hand, and shove the 25 lb. starter up the hole with the other. I need some way to move the header and keep my hands free.

Using a ratchet tie-down strap I found a couple of convenient holes in the frame, looped the strap around the offending header tube and gave it a few cranks. It gave me the clearance needed to slide the starter right up in the hole.

Reconnecting the wiring is another story!

Thought I'd share.
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