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Starter Not Cranking

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I recently rebuilt the engine in my 1967 Malibu. It has a small block w/ headers. The starter did not have a heat shield and was cranking slowly. I replaced the starter and put a heat shield on it. It cranked fine and started right up. Once the engine gets hot though, there is no juice to the starter at all!!! I tried replacing the starter again, same thing happens. The engine harness is new, the starter is new, the ignition switch is new and it did not have this problem before I replaced the starter and put a heat blanket on it. Could the heat blanket be affecting the starter at all? If the wires for the solinoid were crossed would it even start at all? Everything is new on this engine and once it cranks, it runs great. This is driving me nuts and I need your help!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Your on your Third starter ? and they all
started the frist time but when the eng got HOT " the starter had no juice to restart" ?
A: no the starter would not work if you had the wires inverted on the two small studs on the starter.
My guess is dreaded HEAT SOAK evan with the heat blanket.
After it cools down,were any of the starters able to turn over the eng.?
if not. when you removed then did you check for voltage on the blk/pur wire for voltage ,
when you put theing switch in the start position ? if you have voltage IMHO back to the deaded Heat Soak.
Fixes, Hi torque starter both aftermarker or GM. Another approach is the remote solenoid trick.
if that is infact heat related .
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