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Starter brace for SB PMG260 style high torque

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Do you use the original SB brace that was used on those heavy Delco starters? Like for the Remy RS41117
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I have a Liilìòi chip out of the outside mounting hole where the knurl of the bolt fits. Chip does not extend into threads, so I wanted to use a brace. Not sure what caused the chip; maybe a brace not installed at some point.
Cheap insurance, run the brace on all starters, large and small diameter. On those without a stud to mount the brace,I take the rear end off the starter, drill and tap the end cover for a duuble ended hex stud frm my local hardware store, reassemble, add the brace. DIRT SIMPLE, COST IS ALMOST NIL, strangth is leaps and bounds better.
Sounds like great idea. Do use the same brace as the original SB starter brace?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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