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Well I put in a new alternator and My engine still gives me the clicking sounds, the alt. tested bad. The starter tested good not that long back, My wiring is a little shady around that area plus im not sure I have it hooked up right, could someone explain the hook ups on starter and alt. Alternator I have a green and yellow wire, my ground, and power ign/batt. Not sure what sides green and yellow go to, and if it matters where the ground goes. The starter.... Does it have a ground? Or just batt, and ignition?

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A successful starter will have at least 2 wires going to it. First, there is the cable to the positive battery terminal and there will be a fat (like 10 or 12 gauge) purple wire going to the "S" terminal on the solenoid. That one comes from the ignition switch. The ground is through the engine block.
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