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standard bore 454 performance

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Ok. My mind was made up to just do another small block for my Chevelle when a buddy told me he has a 454 from a mid 70s truck. He said it is a standard bore that's in real good shape he also has he thinks standard bore TRW forgedpistons,rings,bearings,oil pump,and gasket set new in boxes. He said the pistons may be .30 over but pretty sure they are standard. I could get all of it for around $800 the motor is complete with stock heads,HEI,and oil pan that I would also need
If I put it together with some aluminum heads,solid flat tappet, RPM intake and a nice converter how do you think it would run? How about with a 150 shot? It will be in a 67 Chevelle full weight with 3.73gears the car also has UMI control arms,Comp.Eng.drag shocks,airbag in the rear, and will be on M/T D/Rs or ET streets. Thanks
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I was also wondering about running a TH350 with a 454/468 that's what the car is set up for now and I have a new Dynatrch driveshaft in it. Thank you.
it'll run as good as the heads/cam you pick will support. BBC are proven motors. It's fairly easy to get good hp out of them, and a matching tq curve that starts down low. You probably should figure out what alum heads and cam you want to run in order for the guys on here to "tell you how it will run"...
I don't really know for sure yet I was looking at the Brodix RR294s or BB2 312s, and also AFR 305s. I'm sure these heads may be a little big for a a 454 but I want to get a top half that the bottom half can grow into in a couple years. The guy that has it thinks the pistons are around 9.2-1 with 119cc head but can't really remember. I would like to see the car go lowlow 11s or hi 10s but not sure if it will or not. Thanks
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