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I have been rocking to that song for ever and still know all the words to that song and a lot of their songs with Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Iron Butterfly, ect.

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from the article:
"Plus “Stairway” has been played on the radio an estimated 2,985,000 times (equal to more than 45 years of uninterrupted airtime)"

that means that it has, on average, been playing on the radio constantly somewhere in the world since it was released- and on more than one station a good chunk of the time.
that's kind of amazing.
and i thought "it's a Small World" was allegedly the most played song, having been played constantly at Disneyland for 40 years...
the article says that it hasn't been licensed to be used in movies- but what about in Wayne's World when they are in the music store and Wayne starts plucking the opening riff to "Stairway", and the shop manager angrily points to a sign on the wall that says "no playing Stairway to Heaven"? or does that not count as a movie?

one quote i always loved was Jimmy Page getting interviewed by a guy that said he wasn't able to play the song until he was in his 20's, and Jimmy Page said something like "I didn't learn to play it until I was 29".
i'm not much of a Zeppelin fan, and i do like the song and respect the amount of work they put into it, but it's nowhere near being my favorite of all time. i'll take me some Freebird any day..
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