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Thanks to everyone's answers on Team Chevelle, I was able to remove the stainless steel windshield/cowl lower molding (the one that's at the base of the windshield and about 3.5-in high) for my 1970 Chevelle without much difficulty. Now I need to get it polished or replace it--it's got some scratching/wear (about 1/4-in x 2-in) on one side where a previous owner apparently let the wipers run without a wiper blade. I'm having difficulty finding some in the Virginia Beach area who can polish it, so I have two questions: 1) Any recommendations on a good place I can send the molding to be polished? 2) Anyone out there with a NOS one (ha ha), original in good shape, or a high quality reproduction? (NPD has one listed, but I don't know anyone who's bought or seen one to know how good it is.) My last option is to buy a buffer and try it myself. (It's in good shape except for the one area--otherwise it has no dings or scratches.) Thanks a lot!
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