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SS Wheel Question

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Have a couple of sets of wheels, can not remember what set came off my car originally! Build date of car, off of the data plate is the 3rd wk of Oct. Where are the date codes on the wheels? I think the wheels would be before Oct.? Center caps, what is the difference between, 3956770 and 3983323?
Shows a 1st and 2nd production, some where in 70. What month did production change and which is correct for my car? Still hunting the correct colors for the wheels, would like to spray with a paint gun. Does anyone have the correct mix #s? Is the spare wheel solid silver? Thanks for any help. Thomas
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Thomas, the date code for the wheels is next to the valve stem. They will have also have a YA or AO next to the valve stem. I believe the YA was used in 69 and the AO was used on the 70 model year. There might be some overlap of the 69 wheels on the early 70 models. Also if you do a search the colors of the wheels have been discussed many time with lots of info on the colors.

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