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SS. First there was the 396. Then the 454.
Now...the 350!

Don't panic. There's still an SS 454.
Any car that's named the best of its kind in Car and Driver's Reader's Choice Poll (the 1970 Chevelle SS 454) is sure to stay around.
But for '71, the SS has seen a few changes. Few. But meaningful.
Some people wanted all the handling and appearance of the SS 454. But without the 454. So we made our SS package available with any optional V8 engine. You can power all the way down to the 245-hp Turbo-Fire 350.
And you'll still get all these SS features: power disc/drum brakes; black-accented grille; special suspension; a special domed hood with functional lock pins; left-hand remote-control sport mirror; new 15" x 7" sport wheels; new white-lettered tires;and a black-accented steering column and wheel with SS nameplate.
And there are a few more things you can order. Like sport stripes on the hood and trunk lid, and bucket seats inside.
We did it for those who just want to look the part, if you know what we mean.
When that isn't good enough, there's the SS 454. 365 horsepower. 4-barrel carburetor. Cowl Induction hood available (you step on the gas to shoot a swoosh of fresh air into the engine). You can order a special 4-Speed or Turbo Hydra-matic transmission to go along with it. And more.
After all, some of you haven't changed. And we're ready for that too.

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