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spring ride height

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I just rebuilt the front suspension on my 72 wagon. Of course, the front sits higher than the back and I'll deal with that later but I installed 1" hotchkis lowering springs up front (I had these springs in my '70 2-door for over a year and they worked great in it). I also installed new stock rear springs.

My problem is that now the front right sits 1/2" higher than the front left and the right rear sits 5/8" inch lower than the left rear. I assume raising the right rear will bring down the left front but do I have an issue with the front or the rear?

I did jack up the car and took the weight off the rearend and put jack stands under the frame in front of the rear tires. The front end was then only 1/4" difference in ride height. This is leading me to believe the back springs are the culprit.

Any insight? I have not rebuilt the trailing arm bushings yet.

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