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I know from reading that space is very limited when installing new modern speakers under the dash pad of a 72 stereo dash with SS gauges.

I am looking at the two below speakers. RetroSound 3.5" and Infinity Reference 3.5". See links below

the retro sound claim the shallowest depth of 1.18". The infinity lists at 1.5".

From what I know, the depth is the issue for fitting speakers in this location and that is why these are the two I have it narrowed down to.

Any specific knowledge of these two speakers and if the 1.5" depth of the Infinity will work? I would prefer the Infinity. Not a brand snob but I have Infinity for my home and am very happy with it.

Plan to do the RetroSound radio incase you are curious

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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