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I finally shipped my radio off for repair. I now need to address my speakerless dash. I don't have the bracket either. I am not sure about the 65 chevelle but my 65 Beau only has 1 speaker location on the dash(in the centre). I can easily fab up a bracket for the speaker but am curious what the factory bracket looks like and where it is fastened. Also, what size of speaker was usually installed in the dash? I have found some new delco, oval shaped about 6-7" long, 10 ohm
I am not after a premium sound system here, just something that makes some noise;)

Also, I have read in other posts that there is supposed to be a support bracket for the radio, not just supported from the knobs. Does anyone have a pic or at least explain what this support is supposed to look like and go?

Thanks again
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