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Good morning all. I used the search function, and am now more confused then ever. I have World Merlin Cast Ovals on my new 468. I called World and they said to use Accel 276 plugs. No one around here carries them and the local parts store said that he didn't have much of a cross reference on teh Accel's.

So I searched here and found a lot of opinions on the subject. What heat range should I go with? I read in a post that AC R43TS is good for 10-10.5 CR, and I have 10.5. But then I also read that the R44TS would be better for street driving.

I also need header clearence. I am going to be running Blackjack 1 3/4" primaries. Will the AC's with the "S" clear these headers?

Are the AC's any good? Is there another brand/Part numbner that I should look at?

Thanks a lot,
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