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someone please educate me on this

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i have just recently heard of a mechanical vacuum modulator for the turbo 400/350 tranys for blower /turbo cars or low vacuum producing engines.
however i cant find a single piece of information on this subject . yes i know there is a tranny form thread but on TC it seems everyone comes to the performance thread. so i posted it here .
does anybody have information on this mechanical vacuum modulator / more important does anyone run one that i could talk to . thanks guys.:confused:
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iu realize most of you are still at work . anybody know of this at all ????
yeah that is it. nice tranny site it seems i always miss the sites with a ton of stuff at them. yes i spoke with chris today . in fact he is who i am buying my new tranny from his 36 sparg is hard to beat over everyone elses 34 element . he filled me in on the whole mechanical modulator deal. we talked for like an hour . cant wait to see my phone bill. HA HA . thanks blue66 and 77 cruiser.
why i got the ck performance from you rowdy. i was gonna wait to get the tranny home to give ya thanks for the help when i asked you for the tranny information . but i guess i can thank ya now and then again when i get it. after talking to chris we went with the stage 2 turbo 400 mechanical vacuum modulator as he felt it would be best on the clutches and bands as its a pretty accurate and reliable system. it will be a forward manual / auto tranny. the shipping charge isnt bad i will pm you on the cost.
until i change the 410,s in the rear i will be using the 3800-4200 converter i have now that might have 2200 miles on it if that.
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