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someone please educate me on this

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i have just recently heard of a mechanical vacuum modulator for the turbo 400/350 tranys for blower /turbo cars or low vacuum producing engines.
however i cant find a single piece of information on this subject . yes i know there is a tranny form thread but on TC it seems everyone comes to the performance thread. so i posted it here .
does anybody have information on this mechanical vacuum modulator / more important does anyone run one that i could talk to . thanks guys.:confused:
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Hey, wait a minute.

Who was it that turn you on to that tranny shop, anyway?

Just givin' you a hard time. Glad to hear you found a builder that you were comfortable with. I really don't think the erotic. I mean exotic, modulator is necessary though, you should be fine with the regular vacuum one. I don't have a problem, and I have less than 5" at idle. I don't run a detent solenoid/switch (kickdown/passing gear), never thought I needed it.

Curious to which th400 you decided on. Like I said to you before, Chris seems to be the only one offering a forward pattern, manual shift, while maintaining engine braking.

There still is the little thing called freight. CK is further east than COAN and you are further west than I am. SOOO, expect shipping to be exceeding the 3 large nieghborhood. Sure hope that yours doesn't feel homesick, like my first COAN. Freight both ways and the weeks in between, makes for one tough pill to swallow, especially after spending a few grand on the tranny.
What converter?
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