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Some ss questions that I ned help on

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Hello and thanks for all the help in advance!
I just started getting back into the chevelle's again and have forgot some basic info. and need some price inputs on a car!

First question is about a 1969 chevelle ss. I see people list that the vin# is stamped on the block but I thought that started happening in 1970 and prior to that you had to just match up date codes? I looked at a couple from a guy today and they did have the vin #'s stamped on the block! They were decked and stamped, as I can tell, but just curious if they are supposed to be on there?

Next is a price question on a 1970 LS5 car with air, ps , pb, cowl induction, stripes, buckets, console and 4sp car. It is blue with white interior and one repaint! The car never had rust and still doesn't, the interior is all original and in incredible condition needing the driver seat to be redone to be near perfect overall inside. Car has 113k miles and still has the original undercoating. The paint is a 9 on scale of 10 (being really picky here) with only blemishes on the lower panels that are even hard to find. All body panels line up like they were never touched, perfect! Downside is, no paperwork...yet! The buildsheet has to be in the car somewhere and it may be found in the next day or two. Provided the build sheet is not found but the deck on the block appears to be original and the original tranny is in the car along with the rear, how much is this car worth realistically in this market!

Again, I thank you all in advance for your help!:beers:
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Hey Brian, the 70 could be worth anywhere from 15K to 30K depending on it's condition and how many of it's original parts are still with the car. Many pictures would be needed to put a fair value on it. For example, are you sure "THE" original trans and rear are still intact? There are too many unanswered variables to put a number on it's worth at this time. Get some pictures and you'll get some good opinions.
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