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Some Restoration Pics

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Please be gentle,I'm new to digital photography,to posting with pics,and car restoration.This is my first.Done a few antique tractors,but nothing like this.
I have been working on restoring my 70 Chevelle LS-5.I've owned this car a long time,and have decided to restore it back to original,as far as my abilities and wallet will allow.It will still be a cruiser,as I love to drive these things.It won't be a Bill Rose/Tom Rightler type resto,I'm just not that talented or dedicated as those guys.:bow:I do want to make it as correct as I can,I think the car deserves it,mainly because it still has it's documented complete born with drivetrain,so please critique away.
I started by removing all the suspension components,front and back.The car had the complete Hotchkis package on it,and I never liked the low look.I installed all the original control arms and components in the back,stock springs and put the original CRV 3.31 posi rear back in.I removed everything from the firewall forward,stripped the frame and firewall.Painted the firewall with underhood black,the frame with Eastwood Extreme chasis black.Control arms,and all brackets,inner fenders,core support,etc. are all powdercoated,black satin.Springs,bearings,spindles,rotors,bushings,balljoints,and other steering componets are new.Bellhousing was beadblasted,and painted aluminum.The original engine has been rebuilt twice,in 140k miles,but amazingly was still standard bore.Had to take it .030 over this time,new JE forged pistons,9.8 cr,pump gas friendly.Complete rebuild and balance.Have removed the aftermarket intake and headers,and have put back all the original stuff,exhaust manifolds are repros.Still working on getting a TCS system.Here's as far as I've gotten,hope to get it running soon,then it will be on to the bodywork and complete repaint.

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Looking good Doug. I didn't know you were taking it apart. One thing I see are the exhaust manifold gaskets. Big blocks never came with those from the factory. They were a machined mating surface. What I did on the convertible, with advice from Mr. Rose, was use a high temp red RTV silicone, a very thing film, as a precaution for any possible exhaust leaks. As long as both surfaces are true there will be no issues. Plus the red RTV matches Chevy Orange pretty close so you won't see any squeeze out.
Very nice. Keep up the good work. Your doing a hell of a job
Looks very nice, Doug. You're doing a great job. And Cortez Silver to boot.......Nice! (can you tell I'm partial?)
Thanks guys,thanks for the tip on the ex. gaskets,Tom,they do look terrible in there,I'll ditch them.
Awesome.:thumbsup: Hope mine will look that good some day.
Sweet Looks great !
Lots of hard work represented there.

ok, wrong oil fill cap.
Wrong fan blade.

Upper alt bracket looks like it's wrong one for a 70.
Nice, clean, new and of course sweeeeeeettttt

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Doug,don't cut yourself short car is looking great.
Thanks guys,Gary,your already there,black looks great,using your underhood pics for reference.Yeah my fan is wrong,on the wish list,will check alt bracket,not sure what the oil fill cap should look like?Thanks
Wow, for a novice, it seens you're doing a fine job! :beers:
GREAT car, good luck and keep the pictures coming.
Oil fill cap NOS

and here.......

Should be plain like this one with a stamped "S" on the rivet.

Alt bracket.
From what people say here, some 70's have the hole and some don't.
I know 69 does not.
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That upper alternator bracket is absolutely 100% correct for Doug's car.
that upper alternator bracket is absolutely 100% correct for doug's car.
that GM oil cap is right too I think, I just peel the sticker off and its a rivet style cap !
Looks great Doug. Keep the updates coming. Will we see it under the inspection tent at the Maryland show this June?? Yikes!!! Another drag racer moving over to the dark side:p:p
Looks great Doug! Keep it up. :thumbsup:
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