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some kind of noise

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i have a rearend noise that i can not figure out. while on jacks stands the car in first and tires free wheeling you can see the drive shaft almost come to a stop and then start with a clicking or popping noise at the time of the stoping. i pulled the rear cover on the rearend and found no gear teeth missing or bearing material . was told the plantaters in the trans were torn up by 2 trans rebuilders so i changed trans (th400). drove the car today and the same problem . in reverse backing up the popping came back strong enough to cause the rearend to seam to shift on its self any thoughts on this please let me know luke
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If it has drum brakes, just for the hell of it, pull the drums and inspect everything real close.

Or disconnect the driveshaft, get a socket that fits yoke nut, take rear cover off diff. Have someone else with electric impact (air makes too much noise) turn yoke nut clockwise and you watch ring n pinion for warpness.

Anyone else??
Thats what I ment to say Fred...........drill, not bad.
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