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some kind of noise

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i have a rearend noise that i can not figure out. while on jacks stands the car in first and tires free wheeling you can see the drive shaft almost come to a stop and then start with a clicking or popping noise at the time of the stoping. i pulled the rear cover on the rearend and found no gear teeth missing or bearing material . was told the plantaters in the trans were torn up by 2 trans rebuilders so i changed trans (th400). drove the car today and the same problem . in reverse backing up the popping came back strong enough to cause the rearend to seam to shift on its self any thoughts on this please let me know luke
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Don't put an impact on the pinion nut. If you do you will probably be disassembling the rear end to replace the crush spacer and pinion bearings. You should be able to turn the yoke by hand and tell if something is wrong. If you need it to turn faster then use a 1/2 drive electric drill with a cut off extention and a 1 1/8 inch socket.
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