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I have a 327 with a set of double hump 1:94 heads and would like to know what solid lifter cam would be good for some spirited street use with reliability and decent gas milage. I believe the engine is a stock 1967 275HP 327. I'll be using it in a 64 El Camino with a 4 speed.

A 327 w/ at least up to about 9.75 to 10 to 1 CR along w/ .020" thick shims or thinner.

Either a good old CC 270S or an old Isky Z-20 for more grunt or a CC 282S or an Isky Z-25 for more topend, imho!!

Can't go wrong and if you want a SOTA solid lifter cam, then call UDHarold here (662) 562-4933 and if you do, please say hello from ol' pdq67.

Chris, (cstraub) here can fix you up too.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts