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Soliciting Trans & Converter input

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I will be buying a Street/Strip th400 and 10" 3000-3500 rpm stall converter within the next week or so, no more procrastinating. I have a tendancy to shop cheap and buy expensive, so this could be another waste of time, but I will solicit the forum's opinion, none the less.
Application; '66 Chevelle 540cid approx.700+hp/640tq 6500rpm,3600lbs,3.55

The current front runner is a Coan Extreme Street th400 $1797.00 (the part #COA-21005 referred by Coan email reply listed as "Buick core charge $150" on Coan website). I will be calling them direct this afternoon.

Also recommended COA-20320-2 258mm Max performance Converter, $877.50, on sale til 12/22/05 $795.00

1. ebay listing; Transmission Specialties 10" 3000-3400 stall. The specs listed appear good.....Any experiences, are they good, adequate or crap?

2. Hughes, Art Carr, TCI, Etc... Experiences; Good, Bad, Indifferent?
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I think the consensus on Transmission Specialties seems to be right about Adequate. I have one, works great and was a total improvement over stock. I know several other guys run them as well. I have not heard anyone though really raving about how they stack up to the high end stuff.

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