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sold the elky

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I was over at the camaro site when a guy posted he was looking for a 72 el camino, well I opened my big mouth and told him if he was interested I had one I've been playing with for the last 2 1/2 years, truck has a 400 sb I believe a "74 509 block turbo 350, 12 bolt, discs. AC, only rust is behind the front wheels on the fenders. new headliner,doorpanels,sony cd player, motor smokes a little, body fairly striaght, hei performer intake, headers,weld rodlites anyway I tell him $2500 not thinking he'd be serious, and after going back and forth we finally arrange for him to look at the car. This car hasn't been out of my yard since I dragged it in there over two years ago, I fire it up, drive it out, everything works! And of course the gentleman tests it this morning, drives it down the street comes back and doesn't even haggle! Maybe I priced it a little low, coming down with a little sellers remorse, but now I can concentrate on my 70 chevelle, and if someone mentions theyre looking for a chevelle, I will not open my mouth! Jim
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Thats what I've been told, but I really had no plans for it after I got the chevelle, figure sell it quick, instead of holding it until the tires rot off. I actually have a 71 camaro I've had since '78 too. so it's not like I can afford to build 3 cars, plus keep the daily drivers going. And if I really get bored I know of a 71 chevelle with a 454 turbo 400, the guy started asking 3K for it and the last time I talked to him it was down to 2500, since the guy doesn't know how to fix his own cars, I may call him and see what his best good guy price is, seeing as christmas is coming up he may be even more motivated to sell. Jim
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