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As we all know, everyone has thier own opinions. I preferred to use Metro seals v/s SoftSeal, as I've heard from those that use softseal, that they make the doors hard to close and don't seem to 'fit' quite right. The Metro's that I used on my ragtop were a perfect fit and I didn't have any problems closing my doors. My .00000000002, adjusted for inflation.

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Ok I have revisited this post because I have information from a supplier that I would like to share with you and ask for your advise.
The Supplier is Y**R O*E (left out some letter dont want to get into that vender issue) they provided me with this info on who they use as their supplier of weatherstrips..

Door, Roof, Trunk weatherstrip is made by A&M (?)
window Felts is made by Clark (?)
Other weatherstrips made by Metro :)

Interior Items

Seat Covers / Door Panels are made by PUI :)
Carpet made by ACC (?)
Package Tray made by REM (?)
And the headliner is made by ACME (?) (anyone rememeber the roadrunner BEEP BEEP)

If you have any information on these supplliers I would be very greatfull I have purchased some items that are down right nasty and shouldnt be named "replacement parts". And some other items I have been very pleased with, But this is a large purchase for me and it might be a while before everything gets installed and I do not want to get stuck with crap..
Thanks for reading my very long post :)
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