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So after finally tracking down the noise, and replacing the lifters, and changing out the rear gears to some 3:08's, so I can actually drive it now. I've been able to really get into the tuning of the motor, in fact in a week or two, I'm headed to the Chassis Dyno, I'm just wondering what you all think it's making?

454 .60 over
cast crank
truck rods
KB hyper domes = about 10.5:1 compression
781 heads stock valve size
Crane Powermax 286, matched valvetrain
Edelbrock performer
Holley Street Avenger 770 jetted 74/84 with the black spring
Mallory unilite, 8.8 wires
Flowtech 1 3/4's headers
TH400 TransGo shift kit (drilled big) B&M 2400 holeshot
12 bolt 3:73 eaton posi

It idles at 675-700 RPM with 14" of vacuam

In gear it idles at 600, with 11" of vacuam

I've got it set up with 22* initial timing @ 700 RPM, with 16* mechanical advance, all in at 2200 RPM=38* total.

Just curious as to what you all think of this. I'd have to say that this is by far the best this motor has ran. But we'll see what happens at the dyno.

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