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Smoothing out butyl tape.

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I installed my windshield using the butyl tape. I need to smooth some of it out where it shows in the interior. What is the best way to do it.
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Not sure of an easy answer now that the glass is installed. I'm about to do the same thing on my project and when I researched how to do it, the video showed the glass being set on blocks and two each pieces of masking tape place vertically on the top and bottom across the divide between the glass and the metal. Then the tape gets cut and that gives you a horizontal placement.

The glass is then marked with a sharpie to show where the edge of the interior is all the way around; that's the edge beyond which you don't want the butyl to show. Then the glass is removed and the butyl is pressed onto the glass along the sharpie marks.

The A pillar is the easy part; carefully cut along the edge with an Exacto knife being careful to not scratch the glass. Any imperfections can then be smoothed with lacquer thinner on a clean rag wrapped on a wooden stick (think coffee stirrer); not a paper towel.

The same will likely not work as well on the area just above the dash. No easy answer there... :unsure:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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