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sincere thanx to this forum

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The direction received from threads in this forum allowed me to achieve the highest level I wanted to achieve with my Chevelle.
Thanx to those that open the info vaults. It's all in the combo.

Sold the Chevelle..:sad:...

The vette is the focus for the last while now and I hope to get another 69 one day.

So long...and again.....thanx for the extensive ride. And thanx to all of you that I have met. Allotta memories.

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First off Rowdy I am not a c-snob......just a speed freak. Many corvette owners are anal (csnobs)about their cars (unreal)....mostly the stock configured car owners. Nothing like 90% Chevelle owners who are down to earth.
I will get another 69 no doubt in the future and will troll here. Anyone around Phoenix with an extra clean stocker? Just gotta sell more cheese.
Right now I am #2 in North America with my vette, according to the vette forum in the quarter mile. Fix the 60' and it's attainable.
The record is a [email protected] for a stock short. Last year I did a [email protected] Over the winter a rear widebody with 345/35/18's with custom 13" CCW wheels...poly everywhere, adjustustable coil overs and more power from an electric waterpump and fast intake....that's why I needed the dough for the Chevelle.... Hoping to do around a 9.50.
A very close friend owns the premiere performance vette shop here in Toronto.....he gave me the keys to his twin turbo C5 for a weekend and I was hooked ...thus I butchered my family friendly C6. Still silly streetable but toooo much for my 19 & 22 year old sons.....forget about my wife/daughter anymore.
Setting the record is actually more for my friend who owns the shop than myself.....promotional end of things.
Making big power with FI cars is all about safe supreme tuning. It's unreal what a cast piston can get away with. An off tune will blow #7 piston rings easily on one pass.

My vette is an 05 C6. There is a best built 460le from RPM, 3200 3 disc vigilante converter, 08 Zo6 rear, stock heads, fast intake, blower cam, fast intake, upgraded valvetrain throughout, head studs (needed bigtime with 20lbs of boost), D1sc blower with a 3.45" pulley, 8 rib, flip drive, upgraded brackets.

One really cool thing is I sold my Chevelle to someone I have known since I was young. Will see it from time to time....and have been promised a pass or 2.

Thanks for the kind words and let's keep in touch Dave. Contact me when you are going to Cayuga
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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