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sincere thanx to this forum

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The direction received from threads in this forum allowed me to achieve the highest level I wanted to achieve with my Chevelle.
Thanx to those that open the info vaults. It's all in the combo.

Sold the Chevelle..:sad:...

The vette is the focus for the last while now and I hope to get another 69 one day.

So long...and again.....thanx for the extensive ride. And thanx to all of you that I have met. Allotta memories.

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Where as some Vette owners still find relativity with alot of the performance oriented information here on TC, C4 and later owners simply don't share much common ground, aside, of course, a select few (cannibals) that frequent the ProTouring forum.

Having said that, I'd bet dollars to donuts that Chris will, on occasion, find himself trolling TC out of habit, friend's projects or just plain missing us. I don't think that I'm alone in wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, especially those motorhead related. Don't forget to share stories of success and failure, even if it's just Corvette stuff.

That is, unless you've already become a C-SNOB.
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