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Shrinking hammer or Slap file

Shrinking hammer or slap file

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Okay, you are on a Fedex jet with your favorite project car, and your body working tools, oh, and Tom Hanks, too. Plane hits turbulance, and goes down, and you grab a body hammer, a dolly, and can only grab the shrinking hammer, or your slap file....(And, no, Tom can't grab the other one for you, he is too busy unstrapping your Chevelle for you...cheaters). Which one would you prefer to use for the next three years until you get your project done, so you and Wilson can drive your butts off the island?
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depends on what you wanted to do with the shrinking hammer. if you wanted it to tenderize your meat with, then shrinking hammer all the way. But if you wanted something to work metal with then a slap hammer is the ONLY way to fly.
he has some great slappers, i use the 3lb slapper everyday doing collision repair.
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