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show us ya blower pics

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Hey guys,

i am looking to put a 142 weiand on my 383 in the 67 malibu with a glide and stock bonnet.

i am chasing any pics you guys have of any chevelle with a blower on it and especially anyone with a 67 sbc. i am interested to see what hood clearance will be like and what the best setup is. i dont really want to go to far down the track until i figure out the bonnet situation, and the best carb option.

i am looking at the weiand 142 kit that comes with pretty much everything, but if i need to switch out the carb with another lower sitting option to get close to fitting under the hood that would be tops!

i am struggling to find technical spec on the blower including overall height and the usual stuff you need to know before throwing cash around.

thanks for you help and pics in advance guys. with the dollar like it is now for me $1.05 this morning there is not a better time to get the sbc poking along a bit better.

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If you space the hood up 5-6 inches it will fit :D
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