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Just last year I bought a kit off e-bay from (from Right Stuff Detailing) with front disks, all new brake lines, booster, master and prop vavle. I left the rear drums alone on the 10 bolt.
I just bought a 12 bolt to replace my 10 bolt.
The 12 bolt has SHOT everything for brakes. I've got everything ripped off down to the hubs, even the drums will need replaced. I started buying stuff to rebuild the drum set up. It seems like it will be nearly 200 bucks to get it all back together.
Is this a good time to look at disks? I know I would have to change the prop valve up front. Thoughts?
PS~I have craiger 14 inch rims. I need to keep the disks in there (the fronts barely clear).

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You'll need to change the master cylinder to disc/disc also.
For normal driving the rear drums will do you fine. If you think you need a little more braking, get some "better" brake shoes for the drums. A lot cheaper than disks.

Disks also introduce parking/emergency brake challenges.

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