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Shorty plugs and wires recommendations for 70 Chevelle 396

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Hey guys, my spark plug wire is arching badly at my number #8 cylinder against my header due to clearance issues.It appears I need to use shorty plugs and replace the wires used for my MSD HEI ignition system. I also have clearance issues by the #7 cylinder. The old Accel 8mm Hi Temp Spiral Core wires were fine until now but need to be replaced. Any recommendations to replace my AC Delco R45TS with shorty plugs and as to good wires? . It also seems I will need to unbolt the headers so I will probably need good header gaskets as well. I have been told I probably have the wrong headers but want to work with what I have at the moment as the current ones are coated and look nice.
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Check the length difference between the short and regular plugs. On my plugs the difference was only 1/8" between the regular and shorty plug. DEI makes a decent insulator sleeve for covering the plug wire end. I also found Taylor makes the smallest plug boots. I finally ended up putting Lemons headers on to keep my plug wires from burning, but I haven't had them on long enough to know if they will burn the boots or not. The porcelain booted wires wouldn't fit my headers because they are a lot bigger than regular plug boots.
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