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Short in Radio Circuit

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So, I was driving my Chevelle on a nice summer day, and all of a sudden my radio stopped working.

When I got home, I checked the Radio fuse and it had blown. Replaced the fuse, put the ignition key on ACC, the underdash lights blinked, and once again the fuse blew.

Tested the Radio circuit, yellow wire, at the radio-end of the factory harness and it is grounded. So, obviously I have a short to ground.

Before I start taking apart the factory harness, are there any other test points where I can check the circuit to help isolate the short? I am assuming that it is somewhere behind the gauges, but anything to try before disassembling the harness would be alot easier.

Thanks for all your help.

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Yes, I measured the yellow wire with the fuse removed and the Ohm meter indicated a completed circuit (other probe was grounded).

I am therefore assuming that the wire is grounded somewhere.

Based on the wiring diagram, it looks like the yellow wire is exclusive for the radio.
Traced the wiring back to a large (2-3") connector around the fuse box. Separated the connector, and the male end (which I believe connects to the fuse box) seems to be grounded, while the female end (which I believe comes from the dash harness) is not grounded.

1) Are my assumptions about the connectors correct?

2) And, if it is from the fuse side of the connector to the fuse box, how can I diagnose it? Or, get around it, without causing any danger.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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