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Shipping a hood

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Anybody done this with success? I need to have a hood shipped from CA (Sacramento area) to CT. I'm trying to figure out if it's worthwhile to even attempt. I know it's too big for UPS, FedEx, etc. I've heard of using Greyhound, but based on their shipping guidlines, I think it's too big for them as well.

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If you use the search, I know this was covered before....might be some good idea's in there.
But this is how I use to do it when I worked at True Connections.

I'd wrap all the edges with cardboard, twice. Then take some bubble wrap, and wrap the edges. Then wrap the entire hood. Then I'd wrap the entire hood with cardboard. Possibly wrap the edges again with cardboard. Band the whole thing a few times. We would only ship it freight, no fed ex or UPS. Make sure you mark it that it can only rest on the two edges that would go up against the fender. Can't lay flat, or on the nose or rear. I shipped probably 5-6 hoods this way, no troubles.

Nice thing about freight....if it gets messed up, its their problem. With Fed Ex or UPS, you're guilty until proven innocent.
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