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Shim Head Gaskets

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Okay, I think I already know the answer but going to ask the opinions of the low comp guru's here. I've got a 77-78 454 and purchased a Comp Cam XES262 532 lift 224-230 duration. I have a set of shim head gaskets that I could put on the engine but don't really think this will make any difference in how the car runs. It would add a minimal amount of compression so I am of the mindset to save them for the next build. Generic headers, old school edelbrock intake, and 4 speed with 3:55 gears, 69 Chevelle.

Shim gaskets worth the effort??

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Thanks. That is exactly what I thought! Just wanted to bounce this off some others who may have done it in the past. If I had a set of closed chamber heads to add to the shim gaskets, that would have been a no-brainer. But I do know where a set of closed chamber heads are for sale with 2.19/1.88 valves for $700. Think I would be better served just running what I have (781's) and putting that money into a later build.


Since this is a low compression motor, I don't think the quench is important as there is little chance for detonation. If this were a higher compression engine, that would definitely factor into the concerns. The motor is all stock with the exception of the cam.
Appreciate your input!

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