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Shifter Boot

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I purchased a 1970 Chevelle last year with a 4 speed Trans( on the floor), bench seats( no console). The car originally had a automatic trans on the column. Here's the question; I replaced the old 4 speed shifter(Hurst) with a new Hurst Competition Plus shifter made for a 70 Chevelle. The shifter boot that was in place was a Hurst Boot. With the new shifter in it appears that the Hurst boot does not fit properly,the shifhter is centered in the console but the bood plate is too far left. I even tried an original GM Shifter boot plate and boot but still no go, the hump will not support the plate bracket. Is the transmission tunnel plate (hump| different for an Auto trans than a 4 speed trans, since this may be the problem. Year One has a Hurst Boot available but I fear that this will not be the answer if the tunnel is wrong. I really do no want to replace the tunnel plate. Has anyone had a simialr experience with good results. I do realize that I may have to replace the front carpet. As much as I would like to have the GM factory bootlook any boot will do as long as it looks and fits propoerly, Thanks
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Yes, the floor hump should be differnt for a manual than an automatic. At least it is for my '69. I have converted mine to a manual and I am going to have to weld in a new hump plate to get my console to mount properly. Hopefully someone who is a '70 expert will help you more.


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