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Shifter and console question

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I am taking my bench seat 69 interior to a bucket seats with the center console and the floor shifter and I was going to use the original ones that came in the chevelles and if I am correct the SS El camino's too. I have converted my shifter to a 700-R4 and I have been looking around and I cannot find a center console shifter set that allows for the 700r4 and the 4 gears. I find plenty that work with the TH350 TH400 and powerglide but I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who knew where to get the shifter console package for the 700r4 that will fit in a 69!

Thanks guys as always this is a big help!
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Find yourself a nice original console and apply the shift works kit to it. The repro consoles are ok in a pinch, but are nowhere near as nice as an original for looks and fit. A 69 console differs slightly from a 68. It also differs slightly from a 70-72. If you are not that fussy you can use one from a 68-72 Chevelle or Elcamino. Also the same for a 70-72 Monte Carlo, except for the woodgrain trim on the top plates.
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