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Shifter and console question

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I am taking my bench seat 69 interior to a bucket seats with the center console and the floor shifter and I was going to use the original ones that came in the chevelles and if I am correct the SS El camino's too. I have converted my shifter to a 700-R4 and I have been looking around and I cannot find a center console shifter set that allows for the 700r4 and the 4 gears. I find plenty that work with the TH350 TH400 and powerglide but I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who knew where to get the shifter console package for the 700r4 that will fit in a 69!

Thanks guys as always this is a big help!
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We installed a shift works kit for our 700r4, bucket, console conversion. The detent plate appears to work well. The GM shift cable works much better than the one that came with the conversion kit.
Do you have a link for that kit you bought?
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