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My '66 El Camino has a TH-350 trans (3,500 stall converter), 3.90 rear gears and 28X11.5-15 M/T ET Streets. At the track I have shifted at 6,000 rpm and crossed the traps at 5,800-5,900 rpm. According to Engine Analyzer my engine combo makes peak hp at 6,000 rpm and peak torque at 5,000 rpm.

Now to the question part, actually I have several questions:

1) What rpm should I shift at, assuming the information from the EA is correct? At peak hp rpm or after?
2) Would my combo benefit from switching to 4.11 rear gear, i.e. would it like more trap rpm? Or would swapping to 26 inch tires be better?

Thanks for any input. I'm planning the changes for next season and thought I'd check with this forum first.
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