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Sheilding gas

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I have a Lincoln Weld Pack 3200 home mig. I have 2 chevelle's that are in need of panel replacement/body work.

Not being a shop I may be welding one month and then not fire it up again for a year...who knows. What m getting at is I cant see renting a tank. I want to purchase a small tank that will fit in space provided on my welder.

I dont know of sizes but I think what Im loking for is something in the 20-30 lbs tank range.

My question is what size should I look to obtain and any recomendations where to obtain one. All of my local gas supply houses only want to rent me a tank and most of them are the large 4' tall tanks.

Any insight to a newbie welder is appretiated.
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I bought mine from Home Depot, sorry don't know the sizes either. I started out with the small one about a foot and a falf long and as round as a football "joke" it was empty by the time i finished fabing my welding cart. i exchanged it for the bottle about 4ft tall. so make sure you get the size that fits your needs or make sure you have the option to "upgrade" good luck.
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