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Sheilding gas

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I have a Lincoln Weld Pack 3200 home mig. I have 2 chevelle's that are in need of panel replacement/body work.

Not being a shop I may be welding one month and then not fire it up again for a year...who knows. What m getting at is I cant see renting a tank. I want to purchase a small tank that will fit in space provided on my welder.

I dont know of sizes but I think what Im loking for is something in the 20-30 lbs tank range.

My question is what size should I look to obtain and any recomendations where to obtain one. All of my local gas supply houses only want to rent me a tank and most of them are the large 4' tall tanks.

Any insight to a newbie welder is appretiated.
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The small 20 Cubic Foot tank that I bought ended up costing around $170.
Most of that was the tank itself, the gas was a little less than $40.
By FAR a better deal for me was leasing a tank.
The 20 CF tank only lasted through a weekends worth of work, and to be paying $40 every monday really bites.
The new tank is a 140CF unit (4') and it ran $50 dollars per year and only pay for the fillup.
It made a lot of sense besides you need to ask yourself how much welding are you going to be doing after you finish your bodywork, does it make sense to keep big tanks around?
My big tank will go back after I'm done and I still have that little 20CF'er kicking around for odds and ends welding.
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