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Service Tech question about brakes for Audi

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My wife has an 07 Audi A4 with 40,000 miles. Her family has a "trusted" mechanic they have been going to for many years for maintenance and repair. Last Friday she took the car in to get the oil changed and first set of brake pads replaced. I just looked at the receipt today and it shows they charged $200 for new rotors. Is it normal for Audi's to need new rotors at 40,000 miles?
In taking it in for other maintenance before, he never mentioned anything about uneven pad wear or rotors warping. I feel like he took/has taken advantage of the family's trust, but I don't know if Audi's are different than the Chevy's and fords in which I've only needed to turn the rotors, never replace them.
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Speaking as a shop owner, I will tell you that I always replace pads and rotors together. I don't think any shop that does not do this is doing the owner any favors. Why do the job twice? Though some shops like to so they get paid twice, because the car will usually have a brake pulsation later on.
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