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Series or Parallel

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just got some autogauge gauges (Oil, water, amp) What is the best way to wire the backround lighting for them? Series or parallel. I'm thinking parallel. Any ideas?
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Connect all the lights in parallel
sounds good. Also, how many dash light sources should i splice into. All to one, or find 3 different dash light sources?
Use as many original voltage sources as you can - the wiring and wiring routing is already done for you!
Tie it to the lamps circuit.
John is right. The headlight switch has a dimmer circuit for the dash lights. You only need to connect into the vehicle a single time to get the variable voltage feed needed. Then connect that one wire to all three of your background bulbs. There is usually a fuse just for this and frequently there is a connector you can connect to on the fuse box but I am not sure about your year in particular.
thanks for all the replies!
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