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secondary spring

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Im just trying to get everything tuned right. Ive been running my car harder than usual. On the highway at about 3K rpm's when i floor it, i start to accelerate and about 1.5-2 seconds after flooring it i think my secondaries are opening because i get alot of power.
Question is, should there be a 1.5-2 sec. delay in the opening? I dont think its bogging down in that delay, it just is a simple delay of power. Do i want a lighter spring or a stiffer one? I dont know what is in there now. ( i think it is a black one, but am not sure at the moment).
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If its the black one, you may not even be opening at all. Thats the stiffest one I think. Holley states you should keep going lighter till the car bogs, then put the next stiffer in. I'm running a silver (yellow seem to kill some torque) which is stock. I think pink is in between the 2.

I'm still messing w/this myself.
Thats the black spring your talking about (there all silver, just painted on top).
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